Educational Process.

The main task of the University is to create the most propitious conditions for students’ education, learning of different subjects, gaining skills and attainments for mastering the specialty they have chosen. School year at the University starts on the 1st of September and consists of two semesters.
The CREDIT-MODULAR SYSTEM of educational process organization and rating system of estimation are introduced at the University. This system is based on students’ individual unassisted creative work.

- classes (academic studies)
- individual work
- practical training
- examinations, tests, etc.

Studies are held in accordance with the timetable, which is arranged by the educational department of the University for each course and group.
Attending classes is obligatory for each student. Class missed must be worked off. Working off of the classes on clinical and medical-biological disciplines that were missed without a reasonable excuse is carried out on paid base.

Rating system for knowledge assessment.

RATING SYSTEM FOR KNOWLEDGE ASSESSMENT– is a stimulating factor in systematic student’s work for receiving durable knowledge. It takes into account all types of student’s work, the level of different subjects learning, the quality of studying during the semester by the factors(criteria):
- classes attendance
- activity at studies
-  individual work
- civil communication with teachers and other workers of the University
- diligence and hard-work
- general erudition
By completing a course, seminar, module etc., you get awarded ECTS-credit points. Every ECTS credit point represents the amount of workload you accomplished in that period of time.
  • 1 credit equals 30 academic hours;
  • 1 year of studies - 60 ECTS-credits;
  • 5-year Master’s programme in Pharmacy - 300 ECTS-credits.
Maximal number of points, which can be received overall by a student during one module’s learning, is 200 points: for current educational activity – 120 and other 80 by the results of testing (Final Module Control).
If a student successfully completed all kinds of training work in the module and by the disciplines reqired and got the minimum number of points that a student must collect – he is allowed to pass testing. Final Module Controlis passed in case if a student has received not less than 50 points. Students who have not passed testing can retake it twice.
The mark for the subject is put to the students, whose subject modules are passed.


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