Practical Training.

Practical training takes the important place in preparation of the pharmacy school graduate for professional activity; it is an integral part of the educational process in higher education, allows you to generalize and consolidate theoretical knowledge, acquire practical skills, basic rules of deontology, as well as make your own decisions in real working conditions. Manufacturing practice is designed to train future pharmaceutical specialists for practical work, ensuring an appropriate level of their professional training.It is designed to prepare future pharmacy specialists for practical work, to ensure an appropriate level of their professional training.

Educational & Manufacturing Training.

According to content and purpose, practical training is divided into educational and manufacturing:
– During junior years students complete educational practical training, become acquainted with peculiarities of future profession, various types of practical activity, and obtain primary professional skills in manufacturing environment.
– During the 5th year upon completing theoretical part of corresponding discipline, the manufacturing practical training is carried out; during which students familiarize themselves with manufacture and, depending on the type of practical training, study technology, economics, organization and management of production, equipment, measures for production quality improvement, and work as technicians on the workplace under direct supervision of training place technicians.
During five years of study, students familiarize themselves with the work of pharmacies, pharmacy depots, drug quality control laboratories, hospitals, chemical and pharmaceutical plants as well as obtain practical skills of provision, storage and processing of drug raw materials, gain experience of medicinal herbs cultivation. General organization of educational and manufacturing practical training is conducted by Manufacturing practice office.

Manufacturing practice office.

Manufacturing practice office is a structural subdivision of BSMU, which carries out general organization of educational and manufacturing practice of students, coordinates the connection between structures, related to organization of practical training.
Areas of activity:
  • Drawing up contracts with enterprises, institutions, companies of pharmaceutical and other branches of industry from various regions of Ukraine;
  • Placement of students on bases of educational and manufacturing practice in cooperation with relevant departments;
  • Organization of practical training abroad (student exchange programs) in cooperation with international department;
  • Organization of follow-up conferences.



Pharmacognosy is the study of medicinal drugs derived from plants or other natural sources. The advent of the 21st century brought a renaissance of pharmacognosy and its conventional botanical approach has been broadened up to molecular and metabolomic level. Botanical Educational and Experimental Area, as a structural subdivision of the Faculty, is the base for practical training in pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical botany.


Training and Manufacturing Pharmacy .

Extremely important is the availability of Educational and Manufacturing Pharmacy, which can help to improve knowledge and skills, to develop practical skills at the workplace, to go through the practice of pharmacy technology, the organization and economics in pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry.

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