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Pharmacy is a dynamically developing industry! Every year, new molecules are synthesized in the world, thousands of clinical trials are being conducted to study the effectiveness and safety of experimental drugs, doctors get new medical weapon to overcome once-never-ending illnesses, and more and more new drugs appear on the drug store shelves. The modern master of pharmacy must have a strong knowledge, be both chemist and pharmacologist, and a marketer and even a psychologist, since he is often the first person to be contacted by a sick one. It is these specialists have been prepared in the walls of the pharmaceutical faculty of the BSMU. By studying with us you will get knowledge, practical experience, find mentors and friends, before you will open new professional horizons. So, welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy of BSMU!
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The Faculty of Pharmacy.

The history of pharmaceutical education in Bukovinian State Medical University (BSMU) dates back to the 2001, when the license for training specialists in the specialty 7.12020102 “Clinical Pharmacy” was received. The first graduates of this specialty received diplomas in 2006. In 2004, the Faculty of Pharmacy of the State Higher Educational Institution of Ukraine “Bukovinian State Medical University” was established.

Educational process.

The main task of the University is to create the most propitious conditions for students’ education, learning of different subjects, gaining skills and attainments for mastering the specialty they have chosen. School year at the University starts on the 1st of September and consists of two semesters.

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Practical Training.

Practical training takes the important place in preparation of the pharmacy school graduate for professional activity; it is an integral part of the educational process in higher education, allows you to generalize and consolidate theoretical knowledge, acquire practical skills, basic rules of deontology, as well as make your own decisions in real working conditions.

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